We would like to welcome you to PSP Creations.


All you need is a form of Paint Shop Pro, Animation, Flash,
Photoshop, Photo Elements, Photo Impact, or any other graphic program to be able to use this site.

Thank you for your patience as I build this site.  It is taking

me a little time to figure out this platform, as I am use to coding

my own pages, but I am working it all out.

The Tutorials are up and running and linked to a zip file.

I started to create a few scrap kits several years ago, but I really didn't get serious about it until a couple of years ago.

I really find it relaxing and enjoy creating them, so I will begin adding them first. I must ask you to please respect my
guidelines.  They have changed over the years, and I have added more credits to them as I use more suppliers for my scrapkits. You

will be able to find the guidelines in the scrap kit zip files. They

are for personal use only.  I do not require a link back for use of

my tutorials or supplies, but any credit is always welcome.

Please feel free to ask any questions or contact me at kimberlyhow@msn.com and put PSP Creations in the subject

line, otherwise it will go to the spam folder.

​Thank you,
Kimberly with PSP Creations